We needed something that brought more happiness and pride in our work and we finally found this in what we do now.


Misty Winters, proud owner of Misty Winters Design, started by photographing her life at a very young age. After many years of keeping her photos private, she was encouraged to pursue her photography at a more advanced level. In this experience, she found other creative alternatives and began designing websites. It started as small projects in school, but moved into building website for friends, and now, clients of all types. Everything progressed from there. She then decided to expand her offerings by adding more awesome people who had great talent. We are here today offering web design, photography, and marketing services to those who need them. 


We couldn't be more proud of our accomplishments and hope to push forward in this creative journey. We love new opportunities and challenges that improve our work but what we do is focused on benefiting those we work with. Many of us learned from trial and error but I truly believe in our unique talents and dedication.


We would love to have the opportunity to help you with your website, take photos, manage your social media, or the most exciting of them all, learn new things with you. Every project is a learning experience and our desire is to keep pushing our team forward.


Let's work on something together!